Hi! I'm a gender justice, women's rights and international development consultant.

I have designed, led & coordinated programming and policy for Oxfam, UN Women,  FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund and US based non-profit organizations. I am currently an Associate at Gender at Work

My experience focuses on strengthening women's rights and gender equality at the global, regional and local level through innovative program design, coordinating teams and partnerships, research, analysis, training & facilitation, communications, and activism. I did my graduate studies at Harvard, before that, I studied at Wesleyan.

My work and research have taken me all over the world, with longer stints in Southern Africa and the Middle East.  I also co-lead a network of women working on global justice with my friend May.

In everything I do, I bring feminist principles to both content and delivery.

More about what motivates my work here.


Chloe Safier is a brilliant strategist, serial social entrepreneur and activist for change. I first met Chloe when I was vice president of programs at Global Fund for Women when she brought to us an idea she’d conceived at Oxfam – The Roots Lab, a social innovation lab for young women’s rights activists. With her stewardship, Chloe brought in the partners to make Roots Lab a funded reality and it’s now now piloting in Lebanon, with a vision to expand to other countries. Chloe is an impressive facilitator, fundraiser, innovator, program designer and implementer, researcher and speaker for women’s human rights. She has deep experience and skills in women’s human rights movement building, is plugged into important artivism communities across the globe, and has a deep commitment to collaborative structures and systems to support research and advocacy. Crucially, Chloe is someone who brings together people from different perspectives and experiences in order to forge “out of the box” strategies and partnerships. Hers is a radical creativity that helps to make breakthrough approaches to address inequality a reality.
— Jane Sloane, Director of the Women's Empowerment Program, The Asia Foundation